Q & A With Christian Louboutin’s New Freelance PR Assistant Cindy Nguyen + How She Stays Productive

Cindy Nguyen is the new freelance PR assistant at Christian Louboutin, and is only 19-years-old (I know, right? #LifeGoalsX100). Just two years ago, she packed up her bags and left Watertown, Connecticut for The Big Apple. I first met Cindy in 2014, while we both interned at Seventeen Magazine in New York. She had this genuine aura about her that really shined. Not only does she posses beauty, but I think what caught my attention was her friendliness and go-getter attitude #NicePeopleRule. As flawless as Cindy makes her transition from small-town-girl to big-city-living seem on her Instagram, she admits to hustling ‘n bustling to get ahead. And hustle she has indeed, making this new gig at Christian Louboutin her 12th internship/job since she arrived at New York City. Her resume is nicely packed with experience at companies like kensie Clothing, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Seventeen, and more (and she’s still in college). I recently chatted with Cindy for productivity advice + her new ventures, read on for the scoop.


Q: Congrats, on your new freelance PR job at Christian Louboutin! What would you say helped you land this position?

A: I think I am still here because I… 1.) rocked a great first impression 2.) maintained that good first impression by exceeding their expectations and 3.) kept in contact with my supervisors. The fashion industry is so small, and the last thing you want to be known for, is that lazy intern, or that person who is just here to put a big name on their resume. It’s sad to see so many interns like what I described, always take the spots of those who truly want to be there. After my internship with them, I stayed in touch and did a couple of freelance jobs; then when an opening came up, I was the first one they contacted.


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Q: You’ve interned/worked with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, while attending school. What are your three biggest tips for balancing school, work, and life?

A: 1.) Weed out your distractions *you don’t really need to be hanging around with promoter friends on a Tuesday night*.
2.) Keep a running to-do list to help you visually see your tasks and goals.
3.) Get eight hours of sleep each night *you don’t need to spend two hours after work to surf on Facebook or Instagram*. (oops, definitely #Guilty of this one)

Q: How do you stay productive when you have so much going on?

A: I think the best way to stay productive is to stay focused. Once someone loses focus on what they are trying to achieve, or what they are working towards, then they lose that consistency and begin to lose interest and sight of the journey. It is definitely a fall-back when that happens. I am constantly surrounded by little reminders of where I want to be in the next year. Being an intern is the best way to stay productive because I have my idols as mentors, and I am constantly working on stuff that matters.

Christian Louboutin's PR Assistant

via Instagram @CINDNGUYEN

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: I am actually working on starting my own business. I receive about 10 emails every week about girls across the world asking me for advice, or to mentor them to help them get internships. The best way to help these girls, was to create a little network that would give them exclusive access to all my industry contacts and more; it is launching in mid-August. I am super excited to finally get this together after months of planning.

Q: What do you tell yourself when you’re having a bad day?

A: One quote that I read somewhere was, “If life hands you lemons, don’t cut the lemons up and smash them into somebody you don’t like’s eyes, and also don’t soak those lemons in vodka and try to make an alcoholic beverage. What you SHOULD do is cultivate and nourish the soil of your life and plant a seed from said lemon…rain falls in everyone’s life–but it can’t rain every day! Before you know it, those troublesome lemons have bloomed into a beautiful tree, and then you can finally make some sweet lemonade.” The best thing to do to turn a bad day into a good tomorrow, is by thinking positively or even understanding that having bad days is totally normal.

Q: What tips to you have for our readers who are students, and want to take that leap into the real-world in their industry?

A: Get started now and get into touch with me! I think the worst thing people can do is assume that others are too busy to provide advice or help. I hate reading emails that have “You probably won’t answer me since you’re so busy but it’s worth a shot”. I answer all of my emails and try to help as much as possible.

Fun Q’s!

Q: Who is your favorite fashion blogger?

A: Aimee Song, from Song of Style. I am obsessed with her style and also her entrepreneurial spirit. I love how her blog has been a business for her but also opened doors for her to explore more business ventures.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Simple and classic. I can’t live without my skinny jeans or my white-tailored shirts. I need to branch out and try new colors though. But the thing is, I just feel my best wearing black and white or even hues of grey; I’m in New York after all.

Christian Louboutin's PR Assistant

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Q: What is your favorite #hashtag?

A: My favorite hashtag would have to be #StyleGuruLove. I did an internship with CollegeFashionista, and that was a hashtag that I had to incorporate into all of my posts. It was so fun to go on the hashtag and look at other girls’ photos and see how they live their lives through little square photos!

Q: What is your favorite app?

A: Candy Crush Saga. Super lame I know, I should say Instagram, but this game has my heart. I’m currently on level 92 but give me a break! I play this game on my commutes to and from work, if I don’t have my book on me; it’s so addicting. My friends on Facebook probably hate me with all my silly requests for extra lives or superpower candies.

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