After a long six years of plaguing my body with fast-food meals in between classes/work during college, I was/am ready to make a change. Here I am my last semester as an undergrad wondering 1.) How I went from 19 to 24 overnight 2.) Why I didn’t take care of myself in the beginning. Not only did I gain more than a few pounds since freshman year, but I also gained that sluggish feeling that many people talk about when they hit their mid-20s, or is that just me? #Yikes.


I remember clearly the advice my sister’s co-worker gave me when I was 18: “Girl, you better watch out now that you’re in college,” she said. “Freshman 15 is going to get you if you don’t take care of yourself.” At the time, of course, like any teen girl would think that was a silly idea–I thought it was. I wish the ghost of the future would have paused my life in that moment, and slapped me right across the face. Now, I always look back to that advice and play it over in my head like a funny Vine clip, except it’s not funny, because it happened. And maybe I took ‘Freshman 15’ to another level, because to me it happened more like, Freshman 15 + 15… + 15. Or perhaps it is little funny, if you picture me wanting to throw up at the thought of this entire thing. #Lol.


I could probably sit here and think of 20 million ways, I could have avoided this. However, contemplating is not going to change the present or future. I felt like I needed to begin detoxing my body of everything our food has in it nowadays. I want to feel better about myself not just externally but also internally. As I move forth in life, I know I need to do it with a healthy body + mind. After searching high and low for detox teas online, I became discouraged because I kept seeing price tags of $130 and upwards for detox packages. 1.) I didn’t want to spend that much money 2.) I wasn’t going to spend that much money. Then I thought about my friends at Raizana and almost fell off my chair, for not thinking of them first.  It must have been the toxins blocking my brain.



Raizana is a local online and brick-and-mortar shop in my town, with the kindest owners I have ever met. I decided to take a trip to their shop in Downtown, Fresno at 2011 Tuolumne St, Fresno, CA 93721, and see what detox teas they had. When I walked into Raizana I had a lot of questions and as expected, Sol Orozco (co-owner) had the answers I needed. She recommended their PURE and SLENDER tea for a detox diet. Sol also gave me a lot of tips to practice a healthier lifestyle. She gave me so much information, that I felt the need to share with my readers. I know a lot of you are on the same boat as I. I have never been one to try diets because they just don’t work. I think it’s all about changing our lifestyle when it comes to food and  exercise. I went ahead and asked Sol a few questions about how we can all get on the road back to health.


Raizana’s Recommended Detox Teas



-Take once a day consistently for three months

-Drink in the morning after a glass of water and before breakfast

Beneficial ingredients: Rooibos (antioxidant) , Chicory Root (boosts immune system), Roasted Dandelion (herbal medicine flushes liver)



-Drink once or twice a day consistently for 21 days

-Drink in between meals or when you feel the need to control your appetite

Beneficial ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre (aids in appetite suppression), and Garcinia Cambogia (aids in appetite suppression)


Q & A with Raizana’s Sol Orozco

Q: Why do you think it’s good to have a go-to detox in your diet?

A: It helps you get rid of built up toxins in the liver–your body’s filter; it also helps you absorb nutrients better.

Q: Why is it important for people to cleanse their body off toxins?

A: It helps improve overall organ functions and helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Q: What side effects do toxins have in our day-to-day activities?

A: Toxins can overburden your body making it work harder or less efficiently; it is also manifested as inflammation, low immune system (being sickly) and/or low energy.

Q: When I spoke with you at Raizana you told me that people should use these teas as an additional resource to their diet, and not as the only remedy?

A: Yes, diet and exercise are the key to maintaining healthy weight and body functions. Our tea helps you build healthy habits by helping you control cravings and expelling toxins. Using Raizana tea as part of your health regimen also helps curb bad behaviors by making you more conscientious of what you put into your body.


Q: What do you recommend for those who want to start living a healthier lifestyle?

A: To listen to their bodies; to take note of the food or activities that affect them negatively, and to work continuously in eliminating or curbing them.

Q: Why is it bad to try diets that “promise” fast weight loss?

A: They make you burn good and bad fat, and sometimes muscle. They are a temporary quick fix that does not improve your habits for the long run.

Q: What are your three biggest tips for someone who wants to hop on the healthier track?

A: 1. To get started now.

2. To do something good for their health at least once a day.

3. To repeat these steps for at least 21 days until it becomes a habit.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: We think that everyone can take immediate simple steps to improving overall health. Good health is a continuous process, and it’s good to set goals and track progress; you will amaze yourself with how much you can accomplish!



If you have any questions or comments leave them below! How do you detox or cleanse your body?

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Reyna Cazares

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