Flower Child’s Fall Lookbook

One of my favorite things in this entire world is working on lookbooks. I feed off the energy that goes on during the shoot. The viewer only sees the end product, but rarely what goes on behind the scenes. When you see those “behind-the-scenes” videos after a magazine shoot, they are always so edited. They are nice to watch, but don’t tell the story. As I sat down to write out text for this editorial, I must confess I blankly stared at the screen for a good 5 minutes. Not because I wasn’t inspired but because I wanted to write something “fancy” like what you would see in a magazine. Then I thought, that’s a problem I always encounter: I’m always trying to do what others do, and that’s not right. There’s a time and place for everything, and as of this moment, this editorial requires some #InTheFeels honestly.

This lookbook was in collaboration with Flower Child boutique in Fresno, CA. Luci Garcia is the owner of Flower Child and we know each other from school. She opened her store after graduating from the Family and Consumer Science program at Fresno State. Naturally, everyone in the program was and is proud of her. Again, the consumer only sees the finished product when it comes to opening a business. They don’t see the amount of work, dedication, time, and money that goes into all of it. I’m a huge supporter of local/small businesses because I believe everyone should have an opportunity to live out their passion. Who said only some could do it?

This shoot was fun to do because everyone there was having a good time. Our lovely models are firm supporters of Flower Child too, so there was a lot of love here in every direction. During the photoshoot Luci and I had a heart-to-heart about career paths. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I’m graduating this semester. I keep saying that in all my posts, because I feel like it doesn’t get talked about enough: the insecurities that arise when a big chance is about to happen. The truth is, everyone gets insecure sometimes–even the most positive people in the world. It takes courage to keep going and make things happen. Luci mentioned that after graduating she felt the need to create her own job, and so she opened Flower Child. Note that she didn’t give up, she found a way to make it happen, and I admire that. I think having your own business is an art on its own. Business owners have to own creative and analytic qualities all at the same time. That’s pretty intense and cool at the same time.

Inspiration for lookbook:

The word Flower Child describes so many things on its own. To me, it resembles freedom and that creative spirit to keep going. As we get older #boo, it gets harder to feel young and free. We get hit with all these responsibilities at once, and it feels… heavy. That’s why this photoshoot was meant to resemble the power to feel free and young. This is exactly what happened during this shoot, if only for a moment I forgot about the worries, and had a good time. I hope you can all find moments where you can indulge in a fun and creative spirit, that makes you feel young.

You can get all of the items photographed at Flower Child in Fresno, which is also online.













Clothing: Flower Child (owner Luci Garcia) @flowerchild_fresno

Models (Hair & Makeup): Joana Robles & Sydney Dehlan

Photography: Marcos Mora @designbymora

Stylist: Reyna Cazares @bevely_road


Reyna Cazares


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