Study Tips That Will Get You Through The Midterm Week #Struggle

I feel like I have been talking about midterms all week. Not to mention my past Instagram posts are filled with #midterms and #Starbucks hashtags. I am especially concerned about this round of exams since this is my last semester as an undergrad. The stress is definitely on this time. Of course, I always study hard (hence, the graduating part of this) but I feel an extra weight on my shoulders at the moment. I know late September-October is exam time for many colleges, so I wanted to do this post. I wanted to share that 1.) #TheStruggleIsReal for all of us right now (you’re not alone) 2.) My tips for working towards that A. Read on for some of mine midterm study tips/habits.

  1. Think About What Study Habits Have Worked For You In The Past

Everyone has a different study habit that works well for them. Our brains retain information differently, and you need to know what works for yours. Recall that time you got an awesome grade on a test you worked hard for? Well, you probably need to do that study routine again. I know that as students/adults there are a million things we are busy with. There was a time when I prioritized my part-time job over school, and that didn’t go well at all! If you’re really in it to make it, then know you have to prioritize and know what works for you.

2. Plan When And Where You Are Going To Study For Your Test

I am a #PlannerChick for life. I’m the type that needs to write it down to remember. I don’t do digital planning because I am not always on the computer or my phone. I recommend planning the times and days you can study leading up to your midterm. If digital or writing works for you, then so be it. When you plan your study schedule it is easier for you to stick to it.

3. If You Need To Study, Then Say NO To Anything That Takes Your Time Away From It

This one here seems like common sense, but can be difficult to do. I have had to say ‘no’ all week to friends that want to hang out (sorry guys). If the hanging out/going out cuts into my scheduled study time, then I say no. I’m not saying to spend all of your weekend miserably stuck at home, however; just know how much time you will have to make up for it later. Nonetheless, do take some time for yourself to catch a breather otherwise you will burn yourself out.

4. Don’t Forget To Eat Or Drink Water During Your Study Time

I know how time can be scarce during study time. You’re trying to get through two chapters before 2 p.m. and so you decide to skip lunch. Don’t be afraid to take a break in between (lunch is a perfect excuse). You need to fuel your brain and body.

5. How I Study

Like I mentioned already, everyone has a different study habit and here is mine: I always read (try to at least) every chapter that will be on the test, one week before. As I re-read my chapters, I make sure to write down every term and definition in my notebook. A lot of people say doing flashcards works for them, but I don’t use them often. I use sticky notes to write down notes inside my books. I do highlight my books like crazy. Colored pens and highlighters are my favorite study tools, because they allow for color coordination. I also can’t deal with boring pencil. Every Sunday, I write down my “To-Do” List for the week. This helps me prioritize what needs to get down before or after my study time.


I hope this post helped some of you. What tips do you have for A-cing does #midterms? Let me know in the comments below!


Reyna Cazares

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