Happy New Year + I graduated! #OOTD

Usually by this time of the New Year I have all my cards figured out, but this year it’s different. I am entering that post-college shock where there are too many options out there, but yet not enough if that makes sense. I’ve always considered myself to be a go-getter in life and usually, when I set a goal for myself I have no problem in attaining it. This time around I have a list the length of a textbook of things I’d like to do and achieve that honestly I’m not sure where to begin. While I’m willing to embrace any opportunity that arises it isn’t as easy to wait and be patient. Of course, the number 1 goal of any college graduate would probably be to find a job–and as for me, a job that turns into a career would be appreciated. As soon as I turned in my last final in December, I immediately felt relieved. As expected however, I started getting anxious because I knew that my clock to find a job was and IS ticking. I would probably be going crazy, if it wasn’t for a conversation I had with a friend prior to graduation. She reminded me that graduating college was a HUGE accomplishment I should be proud of. She told me to embrace every bit of it. And you know what? She’s right. I remember the sleepless nights in college that honestly seemed like a piece of cake when I was 21. I remember working 5 short hours away from full time, while attending school just so I could go to New York the summer of ’14. Even though everyone has had their different experiences–no one can take away mine–and no one can take away yours #GirlBoss. I hope that your goals for the New Year don’t make you forget your accomplishments of last year… or even the year before that. I hope that you take a moment to reflect on all the amazing things you’ve done for others and yourself. Happy New Year!


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