We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now #OOTW

I feel like we have to celebrate the end of summer every year. About two days ago my town got some signs of the fall season (and by signs, I mean a few drops of water and a little wind). I’m on the warmer part of California, and it usually takes us some time before it *officially* feels like fall. During this summer to fall transition I can’t help but ask myself if it was a good summer? And to be honest, I think it was. This is the first summer I got to work as a ‘professional’ in one of the fields I am passionate about: writing. I got a few digital and print gigs, and that was awesome. I also encountered a few setbacks but nothing I couldn’t get myself back up from.

For the first time, in probably ever, I finally realized that friends do come and go. While I wish the laws of friendship were easy–they’re not because those laws do not exist. I figured out that relationships with people really are 50% from you, 50% from them to make things work. I can now step back and see the friendships I’m faulty of losing throughout the years. I also learned to not feel guilty of things that were beyond my control.

Most importantly, this summer I realized that my heart really does has more ambition that perhaps it can contain. I learned that in order to achieve my goals I have to keep going no matter what. And also, I have been teaching myself to appreciate the way things are in life right now. Appreciate the moments that you will never get back. As much as I worry and devote myself to my career after college this December, I’m also devoting myself to enjoying the now, because next summer isn’t going to be this summer. I’m not going to be the young college girl ambitiously seeking employment (perhaps sending out too many LinkedIn messages to every recruiter of my beloved companies). I try to embrace the time I have with the people I love and love me back. The truth is, we will never be as young as we are now (yes, this is a song lyric ;). Everything is perfect right now. #ThankYou, Summer 2015.

What are your top three reflections this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now

Top. Old Navy/ Skirt. Vintage Levi’s/ Wedges. Sketchers/

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now

We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Now


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  • Reply L. Garcia September 18, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    First, I love this post! I love how your authenticity shines through your words. My top 3 reflections of the summer: 1.) Business is Tough! This has been my first summer in business and it was extremely difficult. 2.) Not giving up when things get rough is Even Tougher! I’m a very strong-willed person, so trying not to get TOO discouraged was (and is, at times) difficult, even for me. 3.) Making connections! I have the honor of knowing and working with some amazing people. Their unconditional support has been a godsend and I thank my lucky star everyday for them. There ARE good people out there willing to help you with no strings attached. Sorry, I’ve got to add one more… 4.) Also, I’ve come to realize everyone has a struggle and its important to LISTEN and SUPPORT one another.

    • Reply Reyna September 19, 2015 at 12:14 am

      Thank you so much! I love all of your reflections. I can definitely relate to ALL of them, because I’m feeling the same way. I think it’s difficult to see all of our achievements, when we feel things are going wrong all of a sudden. I was talking to one of my best friends the other day, and she wasn’t feeling well. I told her that she SHOULD be proud of herself for her success. She was so busy worrying about other aspects in her life, that she didn’t stop to think of all the awesome things she has done. So same goes for you… you’ve done a lot of amazing things so far (and more are still to come), and even though it gets tough at the end of the day you push through. Everything will find its place. Don’t forget to enjoy all of your accomplishments in the now 🙂 Be proud, and embrace ALL of it!

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