Beverly Road Vintage Fashion Lookbook: Time Capsule

Vintage Fashion Lookbook: Time Capsule

This month Beverly Road’s Vintage Fashion Lookbook, Time Capsule, was intended to bring you back memories of how colorful life can be. Sometimes we get so caught up in becoming “adults” that we forget to insert some fun back into our lives. During the curation of this fashion vintage selection, we kept the creative soul in mind. Even creative minds can run dry sometimes. We want to remind you that youth is always attainable within yourself. If you feel like you need some color put on a confetti or polka dot top to bring out your most joyful self. While we can’t control life, or what goes on around us, we can control our idea of believing in ourselves.

Visit Beverly Road’s Etsy shop to find the vintage clothing in this lookbook.


Confetti Blouse ($25)

Denim Dress ($35)

Maxi Dress ($40)

California T-Shirt ($25)

White, red, and blue blouse ($25)

White polka dot blouse ($25)

Colorful blouse ($25)


Floral blouse ($25)

Palm tree shirt ($40)


Bohemian blouse ($40)


70s blouse ($35)

Baby doll blouse ($25)


Floral neon shirt ($40)

Summer dress ($35)

90s romper ($30)

Editorial credit:

Photography: Marcos Mora @DESIGNBYMORA

Model: Adriana Vitela @ADRIANAVITELA_

Writer/stylist: Reyna Cazares @RECAZARES

Clothing: Beverly Road vintage



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